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    Whatever your problem or concern, SAMUEL & STEIN wants to solve it with you. Whether safeguarding the wages that put food on your family’s table, recouping your losses occasioned by someone else’s negligence, recovering your loved one’s life insurance benefits, or collecting your business’s outstanding receivables, you can count on the unwavering attention of our seasoned legal advisors. We are a law firm with offices in New York and northern New Jersey.

    Our attorneys are graduates of top schools who also maintain active "outside" intellectual and other interests -- real-life experience valued by our real-life clients. We bring a wealth of industry knowledge directly to you, along with tenacity, creativity, and sophistication to get you results. We understand that our clients’ cases are vitally important to them, and, as such, we are ever-mindful of our central obligation to earn the precious trust which our clients repose in us. Each case and each client, therefore, is treated with the utmost care, attention, and respect.

    The firm is actively involved in a wide variety of employment, personal injury, collections, and business litigation. We currently represent individual workers and classes of workers who have been wrongfully denied overtime and minimum wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act. We are in the midst of litigation against drivers and landowners whose negligence caused serious injuries to unsuspecting victims. We are fighting for families in their times of sorrow against life insurance companies which improperly have withheld monies owed under a deceased loved one’s policy. We are pursuing deadbeats who owe clients thousands of dollars in commercial receivables.

    Since its founding, our firm has gone to the mat for numerous clients and has successfully resolved their cases. If you have been wronged, and you need an experienced team of lawyers to come to your side, look no further.

    Your team is SAMUEL & STEIN. We speak English, Spanish, Polish, and Korean.

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